How to Paint Teak Bathroom Cabinet

Teak Toilet Cabinet is frequently the focal point of this space. Maintaining it in good shape is crucial to keep the general look of the restroom. With time, the colour of a toilet cabinet might become worn out and begin loosening or cracking. Purchasing a brand-new toilet cabinet can be costly and frequently tough to set up unless you’re a normal craftsman. Eliminating a bathroom cupboard will present your previous cupboard a bright, fresh look at no additional cost and function to put in a new one.

Toilet Cabinet. Painting over this older, scalar paint is only going to leave an irregular surface. Sand the cupboard using a slide block or glue. The target is to receive the cupboard as easily as you can before applying a new colour. This will aid the colour to abide by the toilet cupboard.

Teak Bathroom Furniture Small Teak Furnituresteak Furnitures Teak Bathroom Cabinet


Wipe paint or dust round the Teak Bathroom Cabinet and function place. This prevents debris from blending with new color. Round the cupboard so there is not any shade on the wall. Also place goal Tape or masking tape about any fixtures or hardware on cabinets which you can Not eliminate. Employ a primer undercoat into the cupboard. Purchase a primer which is Meant to be used on timber that’s been painted previously. Use an oil Water-based form for quicker drying. Based upon the colour of the present Colour of the bathroom cupboard and the new colour you paint it, you might have to

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